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Our company started operating in 1994 in Patras. From the beginning our vision was to introduce new ideas and concepts into the profession of optician.

This effort was immediately realized by the Patras society which helped us settle in the market. We offer our services consistently and with respect.

We now maintain a modern store in the historic center of the city, namely Georgiou Square (Demokratia) at number 4 and another one in the city periphery at 143 Akrotiri str. .

In our stores, each of you will be able to upgrade or supply quality and fashionable products at the lowest possible prices.

Our services are characterized by scientific training, honesty and seriousness.

You can have complete eye exams from an experienced ophthalmologist.

In the field of contact lenses we will advise you on possible lens problems and help you make the first free application.

It is possible to apply all types of lenses (soft frequent replacement, hard gaseous, astigmatic, multifocal, color and therapeutic).

At the store we can manufacture your glasses in the most sophisticated constructions in a modern laboratory staffed by experienced optics graduates.

We have extensive experience in the manufacture of multifocal glasses and will always find a solution to the difficult problem of presbyopia.

You can also trust us to correct the vision of your children with good quality lenses and choose from a wide range of products with specifications suitable for sensitive childrens faces!

At our stores you can sample the most famous fashion sunglasses from the finest materials that give you complete protection against dangerous UVA / B radiation.

You will also find glasses to meet specific needs, such as various sports, hobbies, or occupations.

After so many years of experience we are able to ask you to trust our sensitive eye health issue.

We are always available to meet your needs !!!

With respect



ESPA 2014 - 2020 KTP AE

The company was strengthened for its modernization within the framework of the Digital Convergence Program and the ROP of Attica. The project was co-funded by Greece and the European Union.

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