Our company started its operation in 1994 in Patras. From the beginning our vision was the introduction of new ideas and concepts to the profession of optician. This effort was immediately perceived by the society Patras with continuous support helped us to establish ourselves in the market. We are offering our services up to date with consistency and respect. Now we maintain a modern shop in the historic city center and specifically on George Square at number 4 and we continue to implement our vision and to adapt to the demands of the times. In our store each of you will be able to update or supplier products are characterized by quality and fashion and of course the lowest possible prices. Our services are characterized by scientific training, readiness and seriousness. You can do a comprehensive eye tests by an experienced ophthalmologist. In the contact lens field will advise you about possible problems with your lenses and will help you to make the first free application. There is the possibility for application of all types of contact lenses (rigid gas-permeable, semi-soft, astigmatic, multifocal, soft, color and therapeutic).

In the shop we can manufacture your glasses by simply ancillary to the most special constructions in a modern laboratory staffed by experienced opticians graduates. We have extensive experience in manufacturing multifocal eyeglasses and will always find you a solution to the difficult problem of presbyopia. You can also trust us to correct the vision of your children with the best quality lenses, since the choice of frame made from a wide variety of products with specifications suitable for sensitive children's faces.

In the showroom we have you can try sunglasses of the most famous fashion houses made of suitable materials and provide you total protection from dangerous radiation. You will also find glasses to meet specific needs such as different sports, hobbies or professions. After years of experience and organization we have the confidence to ask you to trust us the sensitive issue of your eye health and be sure to fill you with the best quality and economical way through a variety of options. We are always at your disposal to clarify any questions.

With respect