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It makes perfect sense: dust, dirt carried by the hands and sweat are just some of the culprits for which your glasses ... suffer and require frequent and regular cleaning.

Also, intense scratches appear on the surface of the lenses due to poor cleaning!

And because the blouse is not recommended for this use, we give you some instructions to achieve glittering lenses, without scratches.

• Always use microfiber cloths for cleaning
• Use a special antistatic cleaner for more intense cleaning.
• In addition to the lenses, the rest of the frame is cleaned, paying special attention to the frame and its sides where there are residues from the hair and makeup products you use
• If you are in the sea, add a little water or detergent to the lenses and then clean, as atmospheric salt or sand will wear out the lenses.
• Clean the lenses in a circular motion following their lens shape and not right to left.
• Do not keep the cloths for too long, they also need to be renewed.
• Do not use baby wipes and 'special' wet wipes
• If you do not have cleansing liquid use a small amount of hand soap with neutral pH in combination with lukewarm water and clean the lenses
• Every 6 months visit your optician's shop for professional cleaning in an ultrasonic washing machine

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The company was strengthened for its modernization within the framework of the Digital Convergence Program and the ROP of Attica. The project was co-funded by Greece and the European Union.

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