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Tips for choosing the right frame

A large percentage of people who need eyeglasses have the impression that they do not fit any skeleton shape and generally that they are ugly with eyeglasses.

Having this impression, they resort to almost exclusive use of contact lenses. However, it is not uncommon for an infection, an allergy or even the difficulty of using lenses in general to require the use of eyeglasses.

But how do you choose the most suitable shape of glasses for our face?

A key feature for the best choice is the shape of your face. If you do not know the shape, look in the mirror and with the help of a marker make its outline. This way you will dissolve the landscape and you will be able to choose the right frame for you. If you have long hair, it would be good to hold your hair so that the shape of the face is clearer.

Therefore, if you have:

- Round face: Avoid round frames and choose one that has sharp angles.
- Square face: This is a face shape that fits round glasses. Avoid squares.
- Diamond-shaped face: Prefer butterfly-shaped glasses or oval lenses and avoid squared ones.
- Narrow face: Try the big glasses and especially the ones that enlarge your face. Also, look for round glasses that have depth. Avoid small or close shapes.
- Rectangular face: As with the square face, rounded glasses are more suitable, but the bigger the better. Avoid rectangular lens shapes.
- Heart-shaped face: Prefer rectangular glasses, whether they are metal or plastic or bone. Avoid pilot-shaped glasses.
- Oval face: You can wear almost all lens shapes.

These are the general rules for choosing the right shape, but there are other factors that will help in the selection such as the size of the face, the color of the skin and eyes as well as the shape of the nose.

The biggest factor for a successful choice is to have confidence and a big smile wearing your glasses! 

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