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The biggest mistakes wearing contact lenses!

All contact lens wearers have exceeded the usage limit or we have slept with them even once in our lives. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious vision problems and eye injuries.

The biggest mistakes are that you keep it for how long without changing them, you sleep with them, you take a bath and it has dirty hands when you use them. Also, do not wear the right lenses, with the appropriate conditions (curvature / diameter / material / oxygen permeability), for which you should be informed by your optician. All this can lead to dehydrated and tired eyes, which wear a hard and old lens which δ skinning the cornea of ​​the eye and dehydrating it. This can cause the so-called corneal neovascularization.

What is neovascularization?

The cornea is the transparent outer shell of the eye that is oxygenated by the environment and not by the blood. The lens interrupts the supply of oxygen and new blood vessels form above the cornea to supply oxygen. This causes redness and intense eye irritation.When you wear contact lenses for hours, protein deposits accumulate in the lens and the oxygen supply to the eye decreases, resulting in the surface of the eye starting to "dry out". As the eye dries, the contact lens may stick to the surface of the eye and cause severe damage to the cornea when you try to remove it.

Tips to avoid it:

1 Follow your ophthalmologist's instructions when advising you not to wear your lenses longer than the prescribed time - usually 8 to 12 hours.
2 If you are prone to dry eyes, moisturize your eyes with lubricating eye drops or artificial tears quite often during the day.
3 Never sleep with contact lenses. Your eyes are dry at night, so the lens is more likely to stick to the surface of the eye. If the lens is dehydrated, apply eye drops or artificial tears. Wait a few minutes and let the eye create its own tears and then the lens will soften. If you do not succeed, be sure to go to the ophthalmologist to remove the lens without causing significant damage to your eyes.

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