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What are the right glasses for presbyopia?

As the years go by and as you get older, it is inevitable to reduce the elasticity of your eye lens, as a result of which your visual acuity decreases. This is how presbyopia is created.

What are the right glasses for presbyopia?
The multifocal lenses (crystal or organic) of the glasses achieve the smooth transition from distant, middle and then near vision having different degrees in only one lens. They therefore provide a clear picture at all these distances. The main idea of ​​their operation is not complicated and is perfectly synchronized with the movements of your eyes. Multifocal glasses are therefore considered to be as close as possible to normal vision after the onset of presbyopia.

Their lens is divided into three zones.
The upper field of vision. It is responsible for your clear distant vision, suitable for walking, driving.
The intermediate field of vision, between 1 meter and 40 cm. Helps to clearly distinguish objects that are in the middle distance, suitable for the computer, cooking, etc.
The lower field of vision. Allows you to see close objects clearly, suitable for reading.

Multifocal eyeglasses change the power of the lens from top to bottom and have evolved in recent years so much that not only with a pair to ensure accurate vision at all distances, but also to successfully cover the aesthetic part, since no there is a dividing line between near and far focus.
Source: www.allaboutvision.com

How much do multifocal eyeglasses cost?
In recent years, multifocal eyeglasses have evolved considerably with the result that their price range is large. On average, a reliable pair of multifocal lenses cost the same and sometimes less than a distant and a near spectacle.

What are the advantages of multifocal eyeglasses?
The intermediate field of vision that is designed as a "channel" gives the advantage of medium vision that is not found in binoculars.
With just one pair of glasses you are now rid of the problem of vision at all distances. They have evolved so much that they are particularly elegant.
If you start using them as soon as the problem of presbyopia appears, you will not need much time to get used to them.

What are the disadvantages of multifocal glasses?
Like regular eyeglasses, multifocal glasses have their drawbacks:
. There is a restriction on the free movement of the eyes. In some activities you have to make a small movement with the head in order to see clearly and not just to move your eyes.
. The fields of vision are smaller at long and short distances compared to those offered by single-focus lenses.
 The lens of multifocal glasses has some visual properties that may take you a little more time to get used to in your daily life.

What are the factors that influence the choice of multifocal lenses?
Your daily activities and profession definitely influence the choice of your glasses. For example, how many hours a day you need to be in front of a computer screen. It also affects the degree of your ametropia for both short and long distances.
A key factor in the final choice of your multifocal glasses will be your optician who through a small dialogue and understanding your daily habits will help you choose the right type of lens. How often should you change your multifocal glasses? Presbyopia begins after the age of about 40 years. It usually starts with +0.50 points and "peaks" at +2.50 points between the ages of 60 and 65. You will have to change your glasses on average every 4 years

Can multifocal lenses replace multifocal glasses?
The answer is yes. If for some reason you do not want to wear multifocal glasses, the evolution of technology has succeeded and you can find in the market multifocal contact lenses that have a logic of use similar to that of eyeglasses! For more information and questions you can visit our physical store for a complete update!

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