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Georgiou Square 4,Patras

Akrotiriou 127,Patras

2610 220771kalivas.optico@gmail.com

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The ways and cost of shipping your electronic and telephone orders are of particular interest to our e-shop customers.

1. Extra 10% discount upon receipt from our two stores

If you order products that meet your needs electronically or by phone and choose to receive - and pay for - our two stores (Georgiou Square 4 & Cape 143B) you will receive a 10% discount on the final price of the products, as listed in our online store.

The 10% discount bonus applies regardless of in-store payment method (cash, debit, credit)

2. Courier Express service

The online store kalyvasoptika.gr, works with the ACS courier company for the timely and safe delivery of the products you order.

The table below shows the cost and delivery time, depending on the weight and location of your order.

Express Service Next Day Charge (€ to / Kg) Charge (extra Kg) Indicative Delivery Time (Business Days)
Within the city  € 2.50/2 kg  € 1.00/1 kg  1
Within the periphery  € 3.00/2 kg  € 1.10/1 kg  1-2
Terrestrial destinations  € 3.00/2 kg  € 1.20/1 kg  1-2
Island destinations  € 3.00/2 kg  € 1.30/1 kg  1-3
Inaccessible areas  € 8.15/2 kg  € 3.45/1 kg  1-5

-In the city: It concerns the receipt, transportation and delivery of shipments within Patras.

-In-Region: Receives, transports and delivers shipments within the Region of Greece
Regions are listed in the ACS official directory and listed on the website www.acscourier.gr

-Inland destinations: Receives, transports, and delivers shipments to landline destinations on the ACS network.

-Island destinations: Receives, transfers and delivers shipments to island destinations on the ACS network.

-Accessible Areas: Areas outside the boundaries of the major cities of the ACS network, are characterized as accessible destinations and are listed on the website www.acscourier.gr

Delivery time is indicative, refers to business days from the date of departure from Patras and may vary depending on the circumstances.

ESPA 2014 - 2020 KTP AE

The company was strengthened for its modernization within the framework of the Digital Convergence Program and the ROP of Attica. The project was co-funded by Greece and the European Union.

Phone Orders Monday - Saturday 9am - 9pm / P

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Phone Orders Monday - Saturday 9am - 9pm / MP

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