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Georgiou Square 4,Patras

Akrotiriou 127,Patras

2610 220771kalivas.optico@gmail.com

2611 122284info@kalyvasoptika.gr


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1. Payment and receipt at our store.


The receipt from the store requires a pre-order telephone or online order to be executed after 6 hours (if the order is made on Saturday the delivery is done after 24 hours) .If the product is unavailable you will be informed via email. The delivery times of the products will take place in the shop from MONDAY-FRIDAY 09.00-14.00


2. By paying the price of your order when delivering the product to your chosen location.


3. With a VISA or MASTERCARD or EUROLINE credit card issued by any bank. In this case, and for your own safety you should be present to receive your order with you the credit card you made the order as well as your identity.


4. By bank account GR8401102250000022544102977 In this case, your order will be sent by email to kalivas.optico@gmail.com or by fax the nominal deposit, to which the order number (the time delivery starts on the date of dispatch of the deposit).

5. PayPal

ESPA 2014 - 2020 KTP AE

The company was strengthened for its modernization within the framework of the Digital Convergence Program and the ROP of Attica. The project was co-funded by Greece and the European Union.

Phone Orders Monday - Saturday 9am - 9pm / P

2610 220 771

2611 122 284

Opening hours

Monday - Wednesday - Saturday

08:30pm - 02:30am

Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

08:30pm – 02:00am & 05:30pm – 21:00am

Phone Orders Monday - Saturday 9am - 9pm / MP

693 615 1770

698 894 8087

Pay on delivery

Bank deposit

Receipt from the store

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