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Diabetes & Your Eyes
Control is required. Almost six out of ten diabetics do not check their vision once ...
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What is blue light and how can we protect our eyes from screens / sun
Computers, tablets and cell phones are an integral part of our daily lives. However...
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How to choose children's sunglasses
In addition to a wide-brimmed hat, UV-protected clothes and the necessary sunscreen,...
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Child and Eyeglasses. What you need to know!
Sight is undoubtedly the most important of the five senses. Her role is crucial thro...
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Is the contact lens case important?
With each cleaner you buy, a contact lens case is included in the package. ...
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Useful reminders for the right contact lens routine
You will be amazed at how easy it is to make contact lenses part of your daily routi...
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The biggest mistakes wearing contact lenses!
All contact lens wearers have exceeded the usage limit or we have slept with them ev...
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Tips for choosing the right frame
A large percentage of people who need eyeglasses have the impression that they do no...
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How to properly clean your glasses!
It makes perfect sense: dust, dirt carried by the hands and sweat are just some of t...
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How the Solar Eclipse Affects Vision
During the solar eclipse on August 21, many may be tempted to look directly at the s...
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ESPA 2014 - 2020 KTP AE

The company was strengthened for its modernization within the framework of the Digital Convergence Program and the ROP of Attica. The project was co-funded by Greece and the European Union.

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